Like we really needed this.

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December 8, 2005

Well, it’s about time.

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So, I’m recovering from knee ACL reconstruction and in a lot of pain and someone I haven’t heard from in couple of years drops me a two line email chastising me about the fact that after two years I still don’t have a web site for my new domain. Fast forward a couple of hours, still in pain, because the Tylenol #3 ain’t good enough to kill all the pain but that codeine is plenty good enough to keep me awake at 1 AM, and I get up out of bed, crutch over to my office, get uncomfortable in my chair because there is no comfortable position and start hacking. Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t be doing this, so whatever this first blog entry turns out like, remember, it’s my normally odd self pushed over the edge.

I hop on over to my “new” hosting provider, and start to get set up for bringing my final domain over. It goes smoothly, until I hit a glitch with the WordPress install. Oh well. It will probably take a few days for DNS changes to propagate anyway.

17 hours, several naps, physical therapy and other interruptions later and I think I finally got the graphics into the “annoying enough but still legible state” and this blog is ready to roll. Still a lot I have to figure out about WordPress and whatnot, but what the heck, it’ll never happen if I try to get it perfect.

So thanks Ric, please let me know next time your suffering from a major illness so I can point out how unkempt your yard looks.


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Like we really needed this.