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December 8, 2005

What’s up with the knee?

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What’s up with the knee?

Saturday October 22nd began easy enough. I was coming off of an 80 hour work week and spending Saturday morning taking the boys to a birthday party for a 7 year old classmate at an indoor soccer field. First crisis: I learn upon arriving that the soccer match is to be parent’s versus the kids.

Clad in my best Doc Marten boots I was not exactly prepared to play soccer. But I knew that I needed to be a positive role model for my eldest son who often held back from engaging in new activities. And heck, I used to play soccer over 20 years ago. They’re just kids, how bad can it be? Such is the logic of a Dad after an exhaustive work week.

So out onto the field I lumbered. The astroturf was this soft shaggy material. It seemed innocent enough. Not even three minuets into the game, and I try a sliding steal to get the ball away from some eight year old girls, and pop, twist, crunch goes my right knee. I find out afterwards that astroturf is a leading killer of knees.

The final diagnosis from the MRI was that I tore the ACL, the MCL, bruised the bone and generally made a mess out of my knee. I had been doing my Physical Therapy and finally seeing some results. Just as I was starting to get mobile again, I had the ACL reconstruction surgery on December 5th.

This has been the highest sustained pain I have ever experienced. Yes, it was even worse than the Army. I think I’ve found the right pain killer cocktail to let me function somewhat. That is, if you think these blog posts are functional.


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Like we really needed this.